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Complex logistics processes and constant new legal requirements demand a well thought-out and cleanly structured accounting system.

The SAP FI (Financial Accounting) module is one of the oldest and most widely used modules in the SAP world. It serves the purpose of documenting all flows of money and goods in the company as well as providing both external and internal recipients (e.g. shareholders, management) with a comprehensive overview of the financial situation. This normally takes place during the closing period (balance sheet, P&L). There are classical applications including general ledger accounting, receivables and payables, asset accounting, and the module also provides functionalities for travel expense and budget management, among other things.

With the introduction of the New General Ledger (New GL) under SAP ERP 6.0, SAP now offers companies additional options for controlling their financial processes in a more targeted manner and completing them in less time. For example, the real-time integration of controlling reduces the reconciliation effort for month-end closing. In addition, the mapping options for parallel accounting are simplified, optimized and supplemented by the document splitting procedure with the balance sheet and income statement presentation on selected dimensions. These may include highlighting profit centers or segments. The approach will be expanded even further with SAP S/4HANA ("Simple Finance").

With the SAP CO module, all costs and revenues in the company can be analysed. This is done with various tools and sub-modules. The controlling module, just like the finance module, is highly integrated into all relevant processes within the SAP system and is thus able to provide a holistic overview. For example, it can compare actual or planned data to set up a transparent margin calculation with profitability analysis. In addition, products can be broken down into their respective components and costs which can be evaluated to obtain an overview of the production costs.

The sub-modules, Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM), Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC) and Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), provide powerful tools for analysing costs and revenues in all variants in order to ensure internal reporting.

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With SAP HANA, two formerly separate cycles of external and internal accounting are now merging closer together again in order to enable a completely new, flexible and faster way to implement the necessary reporting requirements. Supported by a single source of truth, the Universal Journal (table ACDOCA) reconciliation work is a thing of the past and enables faster closings, as well as more complex data processing.

Universal Journal

The Universal Journal now carries all relevant financial accounting data, actual controlling data, profitability analysis components and much more. This makes data storage in many different database tables a thing of the past.

The new data model and the accompanying introduction of the New GL provide a much simpler implementation of parallel accounting rules via different ledgers.

In the course of this new data model, the separation between customers and suppliers is also eliminated. These are now managed as business partners in SAP and, unlike in the past, are mandatory. This simplified model brings great advantages but also a many challenges, especially in the context of a system conversion. Nevertheless, the business partner solution offers great potential and simplified handling for the user.

The accounting-based profitability analysis has been significantly enhanced in its functionality and is now SAP's strategically preferred choice. It will be developed further as the only CO-PA solution. The account-based solution is now fully integrated into the Universal Journal and is now, for example, also able to display cost concerning sales in contrast to the components from material costs.

These are just a few topics that have changed with the transformation to SAP S/4HANA. We support you in all topics around Finance & Controlling, be it new implementation, consolidation or the transformation to SAP S/4HANA.

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Oliver Ludwig
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