The simple solution for automated processing of safety data sheets

Managing safety data sheets manually / by hand does not cause enthusiasm storms and ties up valuable time and resources?

We offer you a convenient, uncomplicated, and fast way out: our SDSuite.

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  • Reading in the safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Extraction of attributes from the SDSs
  • Possibility of manual data maintenance
  • Saving the data in an SDSComXML or CSV file 

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  • Search and selection of existing specifications from SAP EHS (e.g., by material number, identifiers or specifications)
  • Transfer of extracted data and PDF documents in multiple languages to SAP EHS

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  • Writing the data to SAP EHS
  • Execution of update and create scenarios for multiple specifications
  • Saving the PDF with the respective specification in report management

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Katarina Schuldeis
Team-Lead Reach/EHSM

Thanks to artificial intelligence, SDScan independently extracts all data relevant to hazardous substances from safety data sheets and presents them in a clear outline according to sections. The various sections can be manually validated and, if necessary, easily supplemented or corrected. The extracted data can then be saved in the predefined SDSComXML format or as a CSV file for further individual processing.

With SDSConnect, the extracted data can be transferred to various hazardous substance management systems. Transfer to SDS for SAP is supported as standard. SDS for SAP enables the creation of new specifications as well as the updating of existing specifications in SAP EHS. In addition to the extracted data, the associated safety data sheets are also transferred as PDF documents and stored in report management.

In the following video, the process and functionality of SDSuite is presented using two safety data sheets.


  • Clear structuring of the extracted attributes according to sections analogous to the safety data sheet
  • User-friendly application through drag & drop and highlighting function
  • Extraction of attributes from scanned and digital documents via OCR functionality
  • Predefinition of permissible values for error reduction and faster processing
  • Significant time savings through automation
  • Significant error reduction compared to manual processing
  • Ensuring completeness of all relevant data


  • Search function for product identifiers and material numbers
  • Storage of safety data sheets in the report management system
  • Processing of foreign language documents
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple documents

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You have questions concerning SDSuite?

Katarina Schuldeis
Team-Lead Reach/EHSM